Nicholas Hall's New Paradigms for CHC 2019
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Nicholas Hall's New Paradigms for CHC 2019

7th August 2019 by Nicholas Hall

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Introducing Nicholas Hall’s New Paradigms for CHC 2019: Over the Horizon, personally written by Nicholas himself! Focusing on a wide range of major issues surrounding the CHC Market, including Innovation, Distribution, Digital Engagement, Competition and much more, this is an essential read for all players striving to compete in this evolving marketplace.

• Purchases of a global licence include a confidential 2 hour webinar of key findings presented by Nicholas Hall personally.

• Additional customised presentation via webinar / in-house workshop conducted by Nicholas Hall from £10,000.

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Featuring 300 pages looking at what the market will be in 2025 and 2030, this report examines how we will get there, who will reach the winning post first, and how we can and must adapt strategies if we are to succeed in the intervening years.

Nicholas Hall's New Paradigms for CHC 2019

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"In my usual forthright manner I explain the plain truth, what I think will work, what won’t work and (sometimes) what I don’t know. The emphasis is on actionable strategies. And to make that realistic, every global licence has a dedicated 2 hour Webinar to explain key learnings and how it will affect the subscriber’s business prospects, with an option for a full one-day Forensics to go into more depth. I will conduct these Webinars and Forensics in person, just as have written every word that appears in the report, supported by a talented team of internal and external researchers."

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