Herbals & Naturals - Trends, Developments, Opportunities
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Herbals & Naturals - Trends, Developments, Opportunities

7th March 2022 by Nicholas Hall Reports

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Herbals & Naturals

Focusing on a selection of core markets that feature exciting developments and new opportunities, this report drills down to the detail in key categories. It examines the biggest, most interesting H&N categories in each market, from probiotics, fish oils, CoQ10 and other natural supplements to herbal & natural brands within cough remedies, topical analgesics, laxatives, sleep aids and more.

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Herbals & Naturals - Trends, Developments, Opportunities

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"Herbals & Naturals are one of the most interesting areas of consumer health, often driving category expansion and sales growth in myriad key markets, not only in dedicated supplements categories such as probiotics but also within cough & cold, pain relief, laxatives, sleep aids and more."

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