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Analgesics Report

11th November 2022 by Nicholas Hall Reports

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Key questions investigated in this report

What are the key differences from market to market in terms of growth trends, regulations and competitive landscape?

Which marketers and brands stand out and why?

How much NPD has the Analgesics market seen and can it drive growth?

Are new areas to explore signposted by the latest scientific studies?

Does CBD have a future in pain relief?

Which gaps in the market still exist and where do opportunities for future growth lie?

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Diving into the factors affecting the Analgesics market, from consumer trends and regulatory changes to A+P campaigns and new product launch activity, this report sheds light on trends & developments across 12 in-depth country profiles (generating 70% of global sales between them) with insights and predictions.

Analgesics Report

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"The report features the latest MAT Q2 2022 sales data from our dedicated DB6 database, including topline historical sales globally, by country and category, as well as individual brand performances, and long-term forecasts to 2026 and 2031."

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