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Digestive Health

31st July 2024 by Nicholas Hall Reports

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Includes coverage of 10 major markets from around the world, with topline sales, brand performances, the latest developments, launches and promotional campaigns PLUS mini-profiles of additional markets. Case studies of key brands, highlighting strategies and success factors, sales, NPD activity and consumer & HCP promotion. Plus a dedicated chapter investigates what the future holds for Digestive Health, examining the latest research into the gut-brain axis and new areas of development.

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An in-depth exploration of the CHC GIs & Probiotics market globally, including Antacids, Laxatives, Antidiarrhoeals, Liver & bile remedies, ORTs, Probiotics and more

Digestive Health

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"Featuring the very latest year-end 2023 sales from the just-published DB6, our dedicated CHC sales database, plus historical growth rates back to 2019."

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