Cosmeceuticals 2020
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Cosmeceuticals 2020

5th June 2020 by Nicholas Hall Reports

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Cosmeceuticals 2020

Although the term “cosmeceuticals” is not generally recognised by OTC or cosmetics regulators as a specific classification, it is popularly used to describe products which bridge the gap between cosmetics and OTCs. Essentially, cosmeceuticals are skincare products with known biologically active compounds claimed to have a medicinal and aesthetic effect, available in both topical and systemic formats.

Players from both the cosmetics field and consumer healthcare are capitalising on the popularity of products offering both aesthetic and therapeutic benefits. Many successful ranges span the spectrum from cosmetics to OTC-registered derma products to Rx skincare solutions.

Brands in this space can command premium prices. Novel formats, new ingredients and scientific backing are all key selling points. A sharp rise in product launches among aesthetic treatments and hair & beauty supplements in 2018 and 2019* points to heightened awareness and demand.

Consumer preference for products with professional reputation has seen brands building stronger therapeutic identity via “clinical strength” line extensions. Anti-ageing is a highly lucrative segment, with many products focused on the promise of cell rejuvenation. Male personal care is increasingly well represented and remains a flourishing segment.

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This report is an in-depth exploration of the Cosmeceuticals market, including new product activity, innovations in ingredients and formats, marketing activity and more.

Cosmeceuticals 2020

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"This report scopes the Cosmeceuticals field in 10 major markets, charting new product activity, innovations in ingredients and formats, marketing activity and more. It tracks developments in core DB6 categories such as Hair & beauty supplements, Acne remedies, Hair loss treatments, Lip care and Scar treatments, while also investigating areas such as aesthetic treatments and anti-aging products."

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