Where Innovation Meets Regulation

New Directions Executive Conference 2019

Exploring the latest Innovations and Technologies and how to adopt these while Keeping Consumers in the Spotlight, Nicholas was been joined by expert speakers to share their insights and successful strategies.

Nicholas was joined on stage by Bola Grace of SPD Swiss Precision Diagnostics, who explored how at SPD the Clearblue Team are embracing new technology, followed by JensonR+’s James Hall  who took a detailed look at the regulatory timeline and hurdles faced by teams when bringing new innovations to market. 

Next up, Birgit Schuhbauer of J&J explained how to get closer to the consumer, before Bayer’s Thorsten Ümland discussed opportunities for growth and expansion within both new and established brands.

After lunch, BeMyEye and RB joined together to present a case study in tracking Pharmacy Level brand recommendations, explaining how RB used BeMyEye’s crowdsourced data gatherers to track its recommendation rates across Europe.