Women's Health: Obstacles & Opportunities
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Women's Health: Obstacles & Opportunities

31st March 2015 by Nicholas Hall Reports

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Women's Health: Obstacles & Opportunities

Women’s Health: Obstacles & Opportunities investigates the problems and possibilities present in this category. It analyses the current market for a range of OTC options, considering products positioned for gender-specific concerns as well as more general ailments that disproportionately affect women. Featuring OTC sales data from DB6, Nicholas Hall’s Global OTC Database, the report profiles key areas including intimate & sexual health, age-related concerns and pregnancy & motherhood. It also examines the opportunities within women’s health, considering established areas and potential new developments, such as the ongoing discussions in relation to OTC availability of daily oral contraception in Western markets.

Many OTC marketers recognise women’s health as a gateway to growth, but untapped OTC opportunities abound. Discover the key to unlocking the market’s potential – and sidestepping the obstacles – in this comprehensive report.

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Nicholas Hall updates its successful Women’s Health report, taking a new look at this key consumer group. While women are often stereotyped as proactive health-seekers, in truth the OTC women’s health category has significant areas of untapped potential.

Women's Health: Obstacles & Opportunities

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"Women are frequently the object of consumer healthcare players’ attention but in reality there are still significant areas of potential yet to be tapped. Our Women’s Health report explores these exciting opportunities in detail."

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