Innovation in CHC
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Innovation in CHC

1st April 2020 by Nicholas Hall Reports

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Innovation in CHC

Thousands of innovations are launched every year in the global consumer healthcare market, but relatively few offer notable new benefits for consumers in terms of delivery format or formulation. Which new products are breaking through and offering a unique proposition? Where will new product development take the CHC market in future?

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This report assesses the global picture in terms of consumer healthcare innovation in 2019, including the key trends that defined the year in NPD.

Innovation in CHC

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"This all-new title from Nicholas Hall’s Reports takes an in-depth look at 100 key CHC innovations in 2019, and picks out some of the most prominent delivery format and ingredient trends in the consumer healthcare industry. It examines new product activity by region, country and leading marketer, and explores what the future might hold in terms of CHC innovation."

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